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Humans are designed to be resilient. Our bodies are self-regulating, self-healing marvels, that continuously work to maintain the ideal balance. These days, however, with so many stressors bombarding us, this balance can be disrupted, eventually resulting in unwelcome symptoms or a noticeable decline in our physical health or mental well-being. Or both!

The digestive system is truly the foundation of good health, and poor health often an indicator that things are not working well in there. This is why my first and major focus when working with a client involves assessing and restoring gut health.

As a psychology professional, and with my own personal experience with digestive dysfunction, I take a strong coach approach, providing guidance and support that will help to not only understand the role of our minds in the journey to poor health, but also in the journey to healing.

It’s time to pay attention to the messages the body sends. By exploring the underlying causes of poor health, and addressing the physical, emotional and chemical stressors in our lives, we can give our bodies a second chance.

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