The greatest wealth is health. --Virgil

This blog is about me. I am about learning and health and well-being. I am all about what you put in your body. Particularly so since having to deal with my own personal struggles with health and it's affect on what I can eat and my body's need for pure healing nourishment. 

Being unwell in such a profound way that it disrupts your ability to lead a normal life really puts a spotlight on yourself in a way that I didn't think was possible. What I mean by this is that I have always been a bit vain, a bit self-obsessed, very introspective and reflective. Not in a diva way but rather in the way that someone with a lot of self-doubt and self-esteem issues brings everything back to themselves. My point is that this experience amplified all these tendencies and it can get intense. You start to wish for release from yourself - 'can I just be present in my life please! Present in my work. Present in the lives of my friends and families! Present with nature. Even present with my future'. My ability to see a happy future disappeared.  All future possibilities start to be drawn back to my current state. Having children - with what energy? Creating the most bad-ass living garden - with what energy? Building a house - with what energy? Planning meals and workin on my favourites cookbook - what's the point? Building my relationships - what's the point when I can enjoy nothing? Do you see how quickly life can become a question mark? 

Well, just because I feel like crap does not mean I should accept this as my fate. So I have taken the reigns as much as I can and while I'm unsure yet how my journey to health and wellness will progress or what the outcome will be, I've not given up and maybe this blog will help me persevere. And maybe it will help you too.