often when attempting to make significant changes in our lives to support our health, we go straight to the 'doing' - a vital piece of the puzzle but not the only piece.

The secret to sustained commitment to our health goals & to success is in the mental work we do before and during this journey. let me be clear: Commitment is not about willpower or self-Discipline (for most of us at least) - these are finite personal resources that use tremendous energy and will eventually run out! thankfully, we don't need to rely on either of these.

success requires a solid foundation. It lies in creating your health vision. it's in acceptance of your circumstances. it's in getting clear about what really matters to you & putting your health into perspective. it's in ANTICIPATING what obstacles you may face and how you will overcome these. it's in the planning.


It's not easy to think about these things but it really is so important - that's where i come into the picture. 

Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality.
— Abraham Lincoln