A Message of Encouragement

This message is for you if you have been struggling with your health and feel like throwing in the towel.

You are much stronger than you know. Strength is not a feeling, it’s not ‘willpower’, and it’s not the absence of fear; it’s a decision you have to make - sometimes over and over - to keep going.

Don't give up

The wound is the place where the Light enters you – Rumi

Wisdom is one of the gifts of pain; it is from suffering that we are challenged to grow. Tap in to what your pain is trying to teach you.

Being unwell to the extent that it disrupts your ability to lead a normal life can be depressing and even scary. I've experienced this first hand and recall vividly how imprisoned I felt by my physical symptoms every second of the day. Throughout this time my mind was subtly sending me messages that were unhelpful, unkind and untrue. In all truth, I had deep shame about what I was going through and often felt that I needed to apologise for the ‘inconvenience’. Ultimately, my ability to see a fulfilled life disappeared as all future possibilities seemed ridiculous to entertain.

In spite of this bleak outlook, however, I made a commitment to persevere and address my health holistically, by recognising and addressing the things in my life that were undermining my healing. It wasn’t a quick fix, but today I can confidently say that the effort paid off.

I understand how pain and suffering can shrink your world until there is space for little else. And it’s okay, you are not selfish; it’s called surviving! My entire life quickly became a question mark and it would have seemed easier to give up hope, but I would have missed out on reclaiming not only my quality of life, but a better future than I had imagined for myself.  Please believe me when I say that there is hope, even if it is hard for you to see right now. With an open mind and a willingness to make health supporting changes healing is absolutely possible.

So take my hand and let me guide you through this journey to better health. You don’t need to do this alone.

To hope & possibility,