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A Bit About Me  

Hi, I’m Ance and my mission is to bring hope and healing to those struggling with digestive or digestive-related issues. Digestive discomfort and pain is not normal, and can rob your energy, time and quality of life, and ultimately trigger further dis-ease in the body. From the outside we may look perfectly fine, with no visible signs of poor health, while on the inside we may be experiencing significant suffering. It doesn’t have to be that way; there is so much we can do! 

What is going on?

In a time of incredible technological acceleration and access to more than ever before, the health of the human species is paradoxically taking a nosedive.

In a nutshell: we are being exposed to a huge number of things that all add to the stress load of our bodies. Our bodies are amazingly resilient, and can tolerate a lot, but ultimately it has limits. When the accumulative ‘weight’ of the stressors exceed the limits of the body’s capabilities our health eventually pays the price. This is often where chronic disease may manifest.

Who can you trust?

A continuous flow of research churning out mind-blowing new findings are shattering so many long held beliefs, debunking health 'facts' and shifting the ground beneath us. New information keeps coming, and having a true understanding of what supports health can be challenging to say the least. Who are we to trust? Well, for starters, we can trust our own bodies; we just need to learn how to listen to its message. And you can trust me.

I choose to spend my time expanding my knowledge of human health so I can better help those suffering from health challenges. My love of research and continuing professional development ensures I am up to date with the best practices in the field. Understanding health is my obsession. This little obsession has served me well in my own health, and as a client it will serve you too.

What is my approach?

I take a broad and holistic approach to health.

  • I draw on my background in psychology and personal coaching to provide a robust framework within which clients are able to uncover the mental barriers, and also strengths, that will detract from or contribute to their progress. This is a very important aspect of my work with clients. Making any lifestyle change can be difficult, and to achieve sustained change without going crazy requires some serious self-awareness. A healthy mind supports a healthy body - end of story.

  • I believe that to heal the body, we need to consider the body as a whole, rather than a bunch of independent systems zipped up in one suit.

  • There’s rarely one cause or one solution. For true healing to occur we need to view our health in the context of our whole life and deal with those areas that undermine our wellbeing.

who do i work with?

I work with people who:

  • have been suffering from digestive symptoms

  • have had no, little or short-lived success with addressing digestive issues in the past

  • are concerned about their gut health (but don’t necessarily notice symptoms)

  • are concerned about the role of their gut health in relation to other health issues

  • want to take an honest look at their lifestyle and identify chemical, physical and emotional stressors that may be adding to their body’s stress load

  • need support to implement or maintain healthful behaviour changes

  • want to support a loved one in making healthful lifestyle changes

  • are interested to explore the relationship between their mind, their gut and their health to support their success in addressing their health challenges

  • have been unable to get meaningful answers or make progress working with other health professionals.

Do what you can, where you are, with what you have

— Theodore Roosevelt

Remember that healing takes time. I know, I've been there. It takes a long time for our bodies to break down and therefore it can take time to build it back up. But with patience and commitment healing is possible - don’t give up on a better future just yet!