A bit About me (Ance) 

If I had to summaries my interests into a pie chart I would tell you that I am 80% health and research obsessed and 20% other stuff. I choose to spend my time challenging and expanding my knowledge around human health - it seems to have some kind of magic hold on me!  My love of research happens to be an enduring trait of mine which has served me well in life, and as a client it will serve you too. I want to be the best that I can be for those who put their trust in me. 

A continuous flow of research churning out mind-blowing (or is it just me?) new findings are shattering so many long held beliefs and assumptions, breaking the boundaries of health 'facts' and shifting the ground beneath us. The data keeps coming and having a true understanding of what supports health can be challenging to say the least as credible sources quote credible evidence which squarely conflicts with evidence from equally credible sources. Who are we to trust? Can we even trust our own bodies to tell us the truth? Throw into the mix the concept of bio-individuality (we are all different!) and the topic becomes even murkier.

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In a time of incredible technological acceleration and access to more than ever before, the health of the human species is paradoxically taking a nosedive. So what is going on?

This is where I have chosen to position myself. First I needed to help myself - you can read more about  my own health journey here - and now I want to help you if you:

  • have been suffering from unexplained symptoms
  • feel you need to take an honest look at your lifestyle
  • want to support a loved one in making lifestyle changes. 

Healing takes time - I know, I've been there. It takes a long time for our bodies to break down and it can take time to build it back up. Just think of how the body heals a cut! But with patience and commitment healing is possible and the beckoning call of your future needn't remain unanswered - you can have that future!

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I want you to trust that healing is possible in spite of:

  • one or twenty doctors giving you a clean bill of health
  • your doctor being unsure how further to help you
  • previously failed attempts
  • taking pills that don't seem to make you actually better
  • your friends and family thinking you are being a hypochondriacdriac 
  • being told that lifestyle cannot truly help you feel better.